Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Medical Bills Competition.

My medical insurance company have been messing me around again. On the whole they're great, but quite often they send duplicate invoices, send me invoices on a fictitious membership number and their current favourite is asking me for £100 excess which I already paid at the beginning of the year. Today I have a demand for another £100 and final notice to pay a bill that should have been sorted weeks ago!

Considering all this, I decided to sort out my 121 invoices dating from the Jan 2005 - Aug 2007. I know that all of them aren't there as I sometimes get invoiced direct from an NHS hospital and I have to send that to the insurance company myself. The rest of the time the insurance company are invoiced directly by the private hospital. So quite a few of the invoices are missing from my stack.

Anyway, once me and Emily spent ages sorting them chronologically, we totalled the bills up. Here's the fun bit. Me, Emily and Livvie made guesses before we started as to what the total would be. Emily is the winner so far. I say 'so far' because I am throwing the guessing game open to everyone. Here are a few points that we were already furnished with:

1. There are 121 invoices.
2. They date from Jan 2005 - Aug 2007.
3. We previously thought that 2005 totalled about £40,000.
4. 2005 was the year I was diagnosed.
5. 2006 was a calmer year.
6. 2007 I was diagnosed with another nasty so more treatment.

Everyone is welcome to guess, but bare in mind that those who know me personally might have an unfair advantage as they know more details. I will give a prize to the winner, even if it has to be diabetic or sent to Spain! I must say though, it is an astonishing amount of money.

'Because I'm worth it'. LOL


kay said...

Ditto, Sindie. Whatever it comes to, your worth it.

So you going to give me a hint then!?


Sindie said...

Ni clues, it has to be pure guesswork you cheat!!!

weechuff said...

Oh dear!! I can only make a stab in the dark I am afraid, and say
£76,000 from 2005 to 2007 inclusive. I am probably way out either way, as I have no idea what all the tests cost:0)

Beetle said...

Right Mo reckons £130,000

Babs says £120,000

granny grimble said...

I reckon, though I'm rubbish at this £125,115. :0)

Spider said...

i would take a guess at £170.00
But like the others I really have no idea, I have worked it out on the fact the first year was 40,000 and the next year was quite then the rush ;O)
Tina Spain

Bry said...

I am going for £113,767.98 but you are worth every penny xxxxxx

Sindie said...

Emily has guessed the same as one of you and that's a winning guess I think! So maybe they'll be two winners? I shall have to wait for three more email entries and then I shall declare who wins the smashing thing. Haven't quite decided what it is yet though!

Beetle said...

Ooooh I can't wait :O)

Jeanette Spain said...

I think about 200,000, we know treatment is not cheep, but if it works then every penny is worth it.

jeanette Spain