Thursday, 20 December 2007

Alternative Christmas Presents - Still 5 Days To Go!

I just heard that my cousin Lynne has asked for something from this website for Christmas. What a fantasmagorical idea! I am so impressed that I am going to ask for things from here too when my birthdays comes round. That will be February 1st......I say FEBRUARY 1st. :0)

Look at all the cool things you can buy! Please do take a look and put it in your favourites for when you have to buy a gift for someone.

We in the Western world want for practically nothing. A small purchase on this website can change a family or indeed a whole villages lives.

Someone get me a bog will they?!!!


Spider said...

I have put on my favourites and shall ask everyone can I buy from there instead of pressies :O) Well done Lynne.

Ooh everfyone, can I have my presents back and give you a sheep instead?!!!

Tina Spain.

Sindie said...

Yes please, I want a sheep too!!!

weechuff said...

But you ordered your birthday present early this year, and I can't afford two:0(
What about you Babs? Your birthday is next!!!

granny grimble said...

I'm so glad that I've kicked off this scheme with a bang! You know, when I purchased all the things for Lynne and John, it really felt good. I shall also venture there on my birthday! I don't now about Christmas though. I'm 76 going on 12, and still get tremendous pleasure out of Christmas presents. (recieving I mean) It's not the size or value, just the thrill of opening them. I am so silly Ha! Ha! Any way it seems that just as Sheffield got taken over by us Southerners, it looks like the Third World is also in for a treat!!!!!

Jeanette Spain said...

It's a good idea, but like you Leeta for my birthday, I love the thrill of giving and recieving at christmas.
Happy Christmas Jeanette Spain

Beetle said...

I think it's a brilliant idea but I never assume I'm getting any pressies on my birthday. A sheep is way out of my present league, I'm afraid, though any of the other stuff is better than nothing eh? ;O)

We do Christmas more that birthdays.