Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Waiting For Mr.Wooks - 6 Days To Go!

I am trying to look pensive for this photo, but instead look like I've just spied a spider on the ceiling! Oh Come All Ye Faithful is playing on the radio, the Chrissy decs are up and I can't wait for the children and Mr.Wooks to start their holiday on Friday. YAY!

I am off to post the one and only Christmas card I am sending this year to my dear Father-in-law and then when I get home it's sausage roll making time. Mr. Wooks will be pleased! I shall try and time the baking of them for when he gets home so that he is greeted by that lovely yummy smell. :0)


weechuff said...

I hope the sausage rolls turned out just right! I am sure there are none left at the time of speaking!

Beetle said...

Ha ha ha! I bet they're all gone now too :O)

Spider said...

Who is Mr woks?I bet you knew it would be me that asked that ah? I guess it is Gary :O)

Post one to me please
Auntie T Spain