Thursday, 20 December 2007

Daddy's Home And Sausage Rolls - 5 Days To Go!

Daddy's home! Mr. Wooks arrived home last night to the sweet smell of freshly cooked sausage rolls, yummy. I also did a batch of veggie rolls for Emily to my own recipe and they turned out really well. This has to be the most unflattering photo of us ever, but it captured the moment. *love*

These are the carniverous rolls with pastry just like Mr. Wooks mummy used to make:

Most of them are still plated up for you doubters out there! We all had a few and then had dinner, so there was no room for any more. I'm sure we'll polish them off tonight though! Below is the mess I get into when I make pastry. I just can't help it. Pastry making is the messiest job around!


granny grimble said...

They look delicious! My tummy says Yummy eat me eat me, but my inbuilt medicine man say STOP!!! How do you all cope with your inbuilt medicine men at this time of the year? I haven't got a single sausage roll in my house this Christmas. Mind you, I have a delicious box of hand-made dark, low sugar choccies. I have to ration them to two a day, but what sinful luxury. They are my sausage rolls!

Sindie said...

Inbuilt medicine man? I haven't got one and even if I did have one I'd tell him to take a short walk off a long pier!!!

weechuff said...

I have just popped in and tasted the veggie sausage rolls that Sindie made. They were really nice! She is such a good cook:0)
I hope you are going to get some sausage rolls in for Arthur then, Leeta! He's not on a diet is he?

Beetle said...

Well I don't usually eat sausage rolls but the batch Mo made last time were really scrummy so she is making a batch for Christmas yum, yum! What a mess you made in your kitchen ha ha ha!

I don't have an inbuilt doctor either until it comes to chocolate and cheese - few and far between I'm afraid.

Spider said...

oooh scrummy bummy, they look the business Poo.

I shall be making some for Dave as they are his favourite (99cents from over the road) hee hee I just egg em up and pop em in :O) Tinax

Jeanette Spain said...

They look scrumy they are my favourite, When Dave and I are together at a BBQ and there are sausage rolls it's guess who eats the most, save some for me coming home Tina even if they are the 99c.ones.
Jeanette Spain