Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Christmas Tree And The Meat Market.

The Christmas decorations are finally up, PHEW! We really weren't in the mood, but we put a Christmas MP3 on and rocked around the Christmas tree and were soon in the festive spirit. I'm pleased it's done now as the girls get so excited when they see the tree go up. This year I added blue twinkling LED lights and blue tinsel and baubles to match my new colour scheme, very pretty. Today I even wrapped all the girls' presents.

Here are a couple of ornaments I begged from my mum and dad's tree a few years ago. This first one, a white plastic reindeer covered in silver glitter is from when they were first married in 1962.

And this little golden pixie is from Gran and Granddad's tree which I greatly admired as a small girl. :0)

Yesterday we took our yearly pilgrimage to Barnsley Market. The fruit and veg there is second to none and so cheap! Here's me and daddy at the fruit stall. Notice the rather smashing shopping trolley that we have to cart around. :0)

Then we met auntie Mo who happened to be doing her shopping too. We had a bite to eat and a cup of tea in Tilly's Cafe.

And here is the reason we really go to Barnsley Market every Christmas, Barker's Butchers in the meat & fish market. They sell the best meat in Yorkshire and we always have a laugh with them. I bought a huge corner of beef, some donkey's doo-dah's (don't ask!) a boiling ham and 2lb of sausage meat for my sausage rolls. Luverly jubbly.

I'll try and be a bit more festive and update you on the yuletide happenings at our house. Ta ta for now!


Spider said...

Ooh all looks very scrummy Poo. I love your tree, it is my colour scheme hee hee.

Hope you have a really lovely Christmas and a lot of good grub :O)

With Love Auntie T

Beetle said...

Ha ha! Have you tried the lamb donkey's doo-dah's? They are really lovely :O)

All our meat is cooked ready to carve now :O)

Sindie said...

Oooh no, I don't like lamb! I cooked the ham today and will carve tomorrow when it's nice and cold. :0)

weechuff said...

I cooked the pork yesterday, and the beef today. Tomorrow it will get carved. The stallholders in Barnsley market are so nice and friendly. Your tree looks lovely. We went to Asda, B&Q, Matalan and Boots today, to try and surprise you with some turquoise baubles, but couldn't find one:0(

Sindie said...

Aaaaaaw! Turquoise is an unusual colour for Christmas decs so the royal blue will have to do. It goes well enough. :0)