Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Big Clearout.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

No spider photos.

I have found a link to a friend of Incey Wincey. It says that it is a British house spider and only found in the South West. And it BITES! I have had a spiders bite me before when I pick them up and no one believed me! Dad says he has too. My Incey Wincey looked exactly like that with the herringbone type pattern on his back and the nimpsers on stalks at the front. My Incey wincey was obviously on holiday in Yorkshire. Here's the link as I didn't want to upset anyone putting such a horrid photo on here!

There shall be no more talk of nasty spiders anymore. Unless another one moves in!

I have had to delete a section of my original post here as it may have been seen as offensive to some (very silly) people. I am upset cos it was most interlectual and stimulating!

Phase One - The Big Clearout

'And so it came to pass that on the first day Sindie should take the boxes containing all things cherished and redistribute them about her house in an orderly fashion. She did this pronto and saw that it was good.' The Blog of Sindie, Day 6, Chapter 27-29

It has begun. I have cleared out my main fabric storage vessel (namely the hollow coffee table in the lounge) I will now take one of the boxes from the landing containing my smashing Karcher steam cleaning machine and store that in the new space. One box gone, one bag of rubbish to go out and some neatly folded fabric.

Phase Two

I have worked very hard today and worn myself out. I haven't been able to sort out the bookshelves is against the law to throw books out. Maybe I will put some on a eBay at some stage. The main thing is, I can now move. I can also sit at my desk to plan and sew. :0) I have turned this:

Into this:
And this:
Into this:
And finally, this: Into this. There, I have done it and now I can get on with the rest of my life!!! I will be at hospital having Herceptin tomorrow so I won't be able to initiate Phase Three until Friday. Phase Three involves unpacking and organising all my newly acquired art quilt stuff ready for use.
We are supposed to be going away in the camper this weekend, but the weather forecast is bad, bad, bad. The Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for Derbyshire, so maybe we'll stay at home instead! Oh well, maybe I can start my quilt this weekend after all. This morning I received a pack of beads from my cousin Lynne that she'd found in a charity shop and the fabric that I ordered for the background of the quilt arrived. It's a fantastic turquoise and is just what I wanted. Just as soon as I have organised myself I will be ready to make a start. How exciting!

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