Thursday, 26 July 2007

Treatment & Phase Three.

Thursday, 19 July 2007
Had Herceptin this morning. This is me and Bev. All the nurses are fab and the only thing that causes me pain are their jokes!!!

Just outside the hospital window is a small swathe of inner city woodland. It's teeming with wild life and when I stay overnight the owls keep waking me up with their hooting. There are loads of squirrels and best of all Jay's. I was thrilled to see the Jay's doing silly courting dances in the Spring. I remember doing a project on Jay's when I was at Primary School, but had never actually seen one until this year.

Nothing else to report really other than Bev getting a 'hole-in-one' with the needle this morning. It normally takes several attempts.

Phase Three (snuck that in a day early!)

I spent several hours this afternoon trying to sort my beads into colours. I didn't realise how many I had! Luverly jubbly. I really need to go and buy some more little storage boxes. They're very inexpensive from B&Q. I think the ones I already have are about £1.25 each. I might go tomorrow after my shopping is delivered.
I really need to get all my bear making plastic pellets bagged up and put them on eBay. They are of no use to me any more and I have about 20kg of them! That will free up a big plastic container that's on my landing for more important gorgeous stuff. :0)
That's all tonight folks as I'm very tired tonight.


Croom said...

I am glad all went well with the treatment Poo.

Please before all the pellets go remember Ted Ted has two empty arms, still awaiting the fluff and pellets to fill them you promised to send :O(

Love Auntie T

Sindiesmiff said...

It'd cost to much to post them I'm afraid! I shall of course save you some though. :0)