Thursday, 26 July 2007

Phase Seventy Six.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More antibiotics, lack of oomph and fluffy pom-poms.

Just go back from the doctors again. I am getting so bored with doctors and hospitals now. :0( Last week I tried to pull my stitches out as they were making me so sore. When I failed i went back to the hospital and they too failed. The result of all that pulling and tugging is yet another infection. I was supposed to go back to the hospital to see the surgeon, but I don't want to go again so I went to see my GP instead. This time, two more lots of stronger antibiotics and thrush treatment for after I finish my course. I am so fed up with feeling poorly and under the weather.

I have a total lack of oomph and spend my time reclining on the bed and surfing the web for fabulous ideas. Even though I lack the enthusiasm to actually make anything, at least I have had time to do loads of research! Crikey, my little art quilt had better be good or everyone will give me such a hard time!!!

I was trying to think of something to do with Livvie this morning so I showed her how to make a pom-pom for a cat's toy. Do you remember making those as a child with two disks of card and a ball of old wool?

Livvie never knew that you could make them yourself and was delighted with the result!

It's difficult to know what to do with Livvie to entertain her during the Summer Holidays. Most things involve cooking, wool, beads and sewing. Oh, and painting always goes down well with her too. She particularly enjoyed an outdoor sketch session I did with her last Summer. She was surprised to find how much she enjoyed picking a section of a dry stone wall and discussing it's texture and how the light hit it etc. Then we both sketched what we saw. Birch trees are also good for this type of exercise I find.

I think I shall do a small sewing project with her next. Although she loves making things she has little patience with hand sewing and her stitches are usually bigger than the item she's sewing! I need to try and teach her a little patience. Anyone that knows Livvie will know this will be a hard task!

I acquired some more beads yesterday. Auntie Babs gave some 'squisite beads to play with and Mummy bought me three strings of beads from the charity shop. Some of them were very pretty rose printed porcelain.

After all my tidying and cleaning, my desk is now in organised chaos. As soon as my new bead box arrives I can 'file' as many small beads as possible and then decide how I'm going to organise the rest. The bigger beads will be OK in the component boxes (pictured front). I can't keep the tiny beads in these boxes as they get mixed too easily. With my new bead box, each section has a lid of it's own.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I have done loads today. I think I am more or less finished in my little work room. I had the very sad task of sorting out all my gorgeous mohair today, ready for selling. :0( It is the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive mohair pile which I love, but I really must admit that I'll never make bears again. I have bagged it up and it must now go into the loft until we next visit Lyme Regis. My friend owns Alice's Bear Shop there and has agreed to sell my bear making supplies for me.

I have finally finished winding all my threads, fibres and ribbons onto bobbins. I have also sorted all my fabric scraps and placed them neatly in a box. It's all sorted now and I am just awaiting the delivery of my new bead organising box. I have gazillions of beads all bagged up on my desk ready for their new home.

I was sorting through an old needlework box this afternoon and I found some very precious beads that I had forgotten about. They are all the left over beads from when I beaded my wedding dress 17 years ago. They're not precious because I have romantic memories of that wedding (divorced him!) but because it was my very first foray into needlework and beading. :0) And besides, they're really pretty beads.

Gary finally managed to mow the lawns today after about a month of non-stop rain. The rain has moved South now to give us a break. The news is saying that it's very bad in the South today and now they have flooding. I've never known a summer like this!

No pretty photos today I'm afraid, maybe tomorrow. :0)


Croom said...

Hi Poo,

What are the beads for Poo? Are you going to bead something big. Is it to bead the design of Em on to something? I seem to recollect something like that.

Just a gentle nudge....WHERE IS MY FLUFF. oops sorry I so wanted it to be a gentle nudge and not a scream :O)

Auntie T

Sindiesmiff said...

It's for the quilt of Livvie(not Emily) that I am going to make. Nice to know that you're paying attention!

Your fluff is sitting in my hall and you can't have it cos it would cost a fortune to post it to Spain!

emilyyy said...

How long has Livvie been wearing that t-shirt??
Mummy, burn it, please?
For the good of the environment?