Thursday, 26 July 2007

Spider Pictures & Finger Knitting.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


At last, I caught him! He's been toying with me all day, but I finally got the little blighter. He is now safely in his new home over the village hall. Sorry the pictures aren't good, but in the first one I had him in a pint glass with no lid (EEK!) and in the second I was on the floor with my nose an inch from his snapping jaws!!!

When I tried to shake him out of the glass he was stuck in a bit of sticky web and was left hanging (with me screaming) for a few seconds before he ran away. When I turned away to walk back to the house I got it in my head that he was attached to my foot on his thread and was in fact getting dragged with me! If the neighbours could have seen me spinning round and then whacking myself all over! I still keep thinking that I can feel him tickling me somewhere. I bet you're tickling now aren't you? So anyway, hopefully I can draw a line under the whole sorry affair. Unless of course his wife and children come looking for him.

I had a rather smashing idea today (yes another one). I was thinking about how the little French knitting machine works, or more particularly, about the the cotton reel with four tacks nailed into it that my dad made for me when I was small. I was wondering how it would look on a larger scale and was trying to think of larger things to use instead of the little tacks. Can you imagine four people standing round a well and then using rope to knit? LOL That sounds like a really groovy art installation! Of course that isn't possible for me to do today because:
a) I don't have four friends.
b) I don't have a well.
c) I don't have any rope.
d) It's raining.
I suppose I could buy some rope and have a go next time I visit Bry as she has a well. If we use the husbands that's four of us.....
So, I wondered if I could do something with my fingers? I Googled 'finger knitting' and this is what I came up with:
Since watching this video this morning I have knitted approximately 1,795 feet of absolutely useless rope. It's such fun.

Then Livvie and her friend came in from school and I got them at it too!

We have absolutely no idea what to do with it all though. Any ideas?
I was going to start on 'The Big Clearout' today, but alas I had to spend the day sitting down. (don't ask and I won't tell) I just cannot begin my art quilt until I am organised and every day that I don't start 'The Big Clearout' is another day not quilting. :0( Maybe tomorrow?

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