Friday, 10 August 2007

Creative packing & T-shirts

I've done my best, I really have! It's so difficult packing a teeny motorhome when there are going to be four adults and one child living in it for a week. I have decided the best thing to do is pack large plastic boxes and crates with the clothes and keep them in the awning. It's going to be very difficult to keep everything tidy and not like a jumble sale, especially with Livvie and Gary around!

I bought some new holiday T-shirts last week from M&S, only £3.50 each, what a bargain! The trouble is, as usual, the necklines were far too low and showed off my chicken fillets when I leaned forward. So I have sewed in neck inserts from an old white vest top and now they're perfick. :0) I dug out last years 3/4 length trousers that I thought would be way too small, but they still fit nicely so I am ready for a heat wave now.


spanishjay said...

Tell me about packing the motor home cindie, and there is only two of us.
When we went away this time wew were going to be away eight weeks in it, two of them being in Malta, so had to find room for two cases and wedding clothes. I did not mind packingit but I hate getting every thing out again, I am sure there is twice as much to take out as than you put in.
Jeanette Spain

granny grimble said...

Now that's a very good idea Sindie.I feel all excited for you as it brings back memories (lovely ones) of our caravan and tenting days. Bring back lots and lots of photos to amuse us all. Don't go into fields containing bulls while you are wearing your red flannel drawers! At least, not unless Gary has the camera handy. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. XXX

weechuff said...

Those T-shirts are just the job Sindie! I am sure you are going to have a smashing time. You will have to make a fuss of Livvie tomorrow. She stood and made you a huge giggle cake to take away with you:0) She also made herself a spicy feather cake, with no currants in! (That turned out a bit dry, but don't say anything, after all the arm breaking creaming she did). And as usual, she would have no help fro me:0)

Bry said...

You wanna try packing for a tenting holiday when your transport is motorbikes and it all has to fit into a back pack and two not overly large paniers!!! LOL Ahhhhh one day we will have a loverly motorhome like you.


Spider said...

What a smashing idea about the T shirts Poo, well I said you are sooo clever didn't I.

Oh you are going to have a smashing Holiday, don't worry about the mess just enjoy. You do not want to spend any time shouting at the kids (and by kids I include Gary ;O)

Beetle said...

The T-shirts are brilliant! I love double layer T-shirts anyway :O) I always avoid those very low V-necks, maybe I wont in future. have a really lovely holiday - I'm jealous ;O)