Thursday, 9 August 2007


Just got back from hospital, they have brutalised me! They made nine attempts to get the cannula in today. I have circled where they darted me. It was very ouchy and I hope that I bruise severely so that I get some sympathy and chocolate. :0)

I am feeling rather sick now (is that surprising?) so I shan't blog about my ribbons until later.

This is Lorna who finally poked me where it counts!


Spider said...

Oh Sindie, that is terrible. You poor little thing, you are indeed a pin cushion. Don't turn your hand over otherwise you will sprout blood like a watering can!

I can not believe they had so many goes. Poor you. Was Mum in the room? I bet if she was she felt every single prick :O(

Get a good rest and I hope when you are feeling better you get some Cadburys (A whole big slab)

Love Auntie T xxxx

weechuff said...

I felt a bit sick when I got home as well, but I don't know if it was watching what Sindie was going through, or travel sickness due to the toing and froing of the garden hammock!

Bry said...

Ouchkabibble honey! Yuk yuk that is horrid, I hope you bitch slapped them!!!

Hope you are soon feeling upto showing us your ribbons!

Love Bryxx

Spider said...

he he, Sandie you are funny. Hope you are both feeling better xxx

Beetle said...

Oh my! I feel sick just thinking about it :O( Poor you!

fizzycat said...

Ouch looks like a join the dots picture.Good luck with the blog ,Fizzy.Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy lots of chocs.