Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hairspray & silk ribbon

Me and the girls just got back from seeing the new Hairspray film at the cinema. It was FABULOUS! Livvie says it's best film she has ever seen. There are not many films that made me feel so happy, it was so totally feel-good. I remember feeling the same way when I saw Grease in 1978. :0)

I spent many happy hours today hand dying about 100m of silk ribbon. I say hand dying as I literally applied the dye by hand rather than block dying it in a big vat. It was great fun experimenting. The dye I used was actually a dye for synthetics from but I was assured that it would also dye silk. I won't post about it now as I have to get up early tomorrow for treatment, but when I get home I shall put photos and a tutorial on. The results were so pretty!

I shall snuggle down now with my fat-boy Arthur under my arm. I can have him in bed now as he had his summer flea treatment today. :0)


weechuff said...

I look forward to seeing the results:0) I was going to put the photo's of Arthur that I took today on my blog, but didn't have time. I will show everyone what a handsome boy he is tomorrow after we get back from the hospital:0)

Spider said...

oooh cannot wait to see the ribbon. Is there no end to your talents missy?

Is it for something special, or just one of those fun things to do?

Is Arthur your baby kitten? and did you name him after our Arthur?

Beetle said...

Sounds very interesting. I'm sure you will get "Hobby Sickness" if you keep adding to your list ha ha! Come to think of it, that's probably WHY you keep coming up with more hobbies ;O)

Sindie said...

Arthur is not my baby kitten, he is over 1 stone of furry blubber gorgeousness. I think he's about three years old. Yes he was named after Uncle Arthur and I did ask his permission first!

The ribbon dying is still part of the Livvie Quilt thing. I am very nearly ready to start on it but would you believe that I am going on holiday next week so it will have to wait!

There is no such thing as Hobby Sickness Babs, it does not exist!!!You know why? Because if you start to get sick of one hobby, then you very quickly shift your attention to the next!

granny grimble said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Arthur wearing the silk ribbon!
you are really keeping us in suspence with this Livvie quilt Sindie. Fancy going on holiday just when we are all keyed up for the off! With all this preparation it's surely going to be fantasmagoricle. But the everything you do is! X

emilyyy said...

Hairspray was the best film I've been to the cinema to se!

I reccommend that everyone goes to see it immediately!

And the lead boy's really sexy, too. =D


Pamela said...

HI Sindi - greetings from Alabama, USA. I have so enjoyed your bears and just discovered your blog - You are incredible.

I'm taking a mini-break from quilling a yellow breasted bird that my husband got a picture of recently. Still don't know what they are but had to try. Matching quilling paper to bird colors is a challenge so I'm doing some creative blending, using two shades together and mixing side to side.

Anyway, don't want to bother you for very long because it's obvious that you are very busy. BUT, if your kitty brings in fleas, the best thing I've found is to sprinkle borax on the carpet and make sure it gets in dark places like under furniture - brush it in and leave it. It dries out the nasty little things so they can't jump on you and bite. It's worked for us for over 30 years and we've got three lovely canine people living here. It holds up under vacuuming - we apply once a year but it may take a quarterly application if the infestation in your part of the world is severe. Take care of yourself and God Bless you. Pam