Thursday, 9 August 2007

How to Dye Silk Ribbons.

This tutorial will be of little interest to some of you, but my crafty matey Bry will be interested and hopefully a few more passing through will find it helpful. I couldn't find a tutorial when I was searching the other day so I had to make it up as I went along!

I used these Syn Tint dyes from as they were the only dyes I have left. They were developed to dye synthetics but I thought I'd give them a try on silk. They did the job beautifully!

I wound the ribbon into big loops and then I wet the ribbon thoroughly with a water spray. In a dinner plate I mixed the dye powder with a little water. I used several different colours at once. I then laid the ribbon into the dye making sure that it was thoroughly saturated. As each colour bleeds into the wet silk it blends to create yet more colours.

I then covered with cling film and popped in the microwave for 40 seconds. When it came out I gave it a quick rinse in cold water and dabbed most of the moisture out with a towel. It's as simple as that! I had such fun experimenting. If you sprinkle the dye powder on the wet ribbon it gives a spotty star burst effect or if you dip the wet ribbon into one colour only and then rinse half of it before microwaving, it gives varying shades of the same colour.

If you look closely you can see the subtle colour variations within each ribbon length.

And after ironing and winding onto bobbins, here is the finished result. Of course these night time photos don't do the subtle colours justice, but you'll just have to trust me on that!

So there you are. You'll have to wait a while before you learn what I am going to do with them as I am going on holiday Sunday and it will have to wait til I come back. :0)


weechuff said...

I'm expecting something really fantabulous when you get back:0)
You have done so many of them!

Spider said...

Wow Sindie, what a lot of silk ribbon. I expect you can do it with all types of powdered dyes. I would not have thought of dyeing ribbon! just card he he.

I don't have any dye or ribbon :O(

I bet they would look good on chalked cards, or even my idea of fine misting white cards with a spray of water mixed with a few drops of printer ink! Blue and red look good, so do yellow and red, well they all do really. even plain ol black lol.

Ah, do you think the ink would stay put if I did it to plain white ribbon? I could cook it too ha ha.

Beetle said...

Well I shall wait in anticipation! I still think the preparing is what you love to do ;O)

Bry said...

yum yum ribbon, cool colours, what are you going to do with it all? I couldn't tell how narrow it was, so is it suitable for ribbon embroidery? Or do you have some other cunning plan for its useage?


Sindie said...

How would you use it on cards Tina? I can't think what you'd do with it. I reckon printer ink should work on ordinary white ribbon, give it a go! Maybe try watering the ink down first or wetting the ribbon before dropping some ink on? Have you ever tried piercing the card and then lacing it with ribbon?

Of course preparation is most of the fun Babs! Gathering, sorting, organising and looking. :0)

It is for ribbon embroidery Bry. It's 7mm. I also purchased oodles of plain dyed 4mm, so I'm pretty much set now. I received a rotary cutter this morning so when I get back from my hols I can start on my super fandango quilt.

granny grimble said...

What a wonderful rainbow of delicious colour. It worked really well, didn't it Poo. I can't wait for you to get cracking on the work of art. (Still waiting for photos of Marilyn). Much as I love all your collecting, cataloguing, and arranging, (an art in itself), I am so eager to see the quilting taking place. I shall wait impatiently for your return from your holiday, so that we can all jump on your bandwagon!

Sindie said...

Marylin is half finished. Emily has been far too busy with her hectic social life to finish it off!

emilyyy said...

Well, mother, I apologise for being a busy 15 year old girl! =P I might come back over next week to do some more. =D

That ribbon dying was interesting to watch- I'd botch it up big style though, so I shan't bother!


My Shabby Rose Cottage said...

DID you know you can dye silk and wool with regular Kool-Aid? It works beautifully!!

sharmeen said...

hi, i m from pakistan. i couldnt find silk ribbons over here. can i make them by cutting silk fabric. how can i secure there edges. please help me out