Thursday, 9 August 2007

Hairspray Link

Take a look at the movie trailer and tell me you don't want to tap your feet! I actually think I may go and see it again it was so good. Look carefully and you'll see John Travolta as 'Mom'. There are loads of photos in the gallery so you'll be able to see it's him clearly there.


Spider said...

I Can't, I am too slow to get it.

I must say on a different note Sindie, I just love that photo of you. Can you send a good sized one to Jeanette for me. I shall email you her address.
Auntie T. xxx

Sindie said...

Where's the email address then?

Beetle said...

Yes it does look like a fun film :O) I must say though, there is something a little bit sad that John Travolta, who once would have been the heart-throb lead, now has to play a character role. Still better than nothing I suppose eh?

Sindie said...

Babs, you haven't seen it! It is probably one of his best roles and he was absolutely brilliant in it. Nothing sad about it at all. What is sad are people like Tom Jones who still think they are sexy 40 years later!!!