Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Fountains Abbey in Ripon

Livvie and daddy enjoying the sunshine.

Look at that sun beaming through the window! It was SO hot.

Our beloved Chunky Bus. :0)

We had the most gorgeous weekend away in Ripon which is near York. The sun shone and although the air smelled of cow poo we had a great time! I have come back totally energised and am looking forward to our weeks holiday with Dawn and Glen next week in Northumberland. The slide show is of Fountains Abbey. It was spectacularly beautiful but unfortunately it was so hot that we couldn't walk it all. In fact it was my fault. With the addition of surgical stockings, over which I was wearing jeans and hiking socks and a pair of silicon boobs tucked into a double skinned bra I was near melting point and couldn't manage the distance. I did stop at one point and dip my feet in the cool lake but that didn't help for long! We are definitely going back when the air is crisp in Autumn and then we shall walk it all. :0)


weechuff said...

What a magical looking place!
Definitely one for us to visit on a cooler day!

Beetle said...

I almost forgot to comment because I email'd you ha ha! It looks so beautiful there. You must tell us where it is so we can go!

granny grimble said...

What a beautiful place Sindie. It looks so peaceful and quiet. Let's hope you get lots more opportunities to get out in your chunky van this summer. I think I would have to go even if it was raining! What a shame you had to wear those horrible stockings in this weather though. I feel hot enough with my 'big knickers' never mind 'big stockings'

Fiona Smith said...

Hi Sindie,
long time no hear! Love the blog and you're looking great! Bet Gary loves those stockings.
Keep smiling,

Spider said...

Hi Poo,

It looks wonderful, I know how you feel wearing all that in the heat. I must be the only person in the whole of Spain wearing long trews and a blouse or long skirt! I will not show my legs to anyone! In your case it is unfair cos you can't lol

spanishjay said...

so glad you enjoyed your week-end at Rippon, it is a beautiful place.
Enjoyed the slide show.
I love the Northumbria coast line, that is where I spent my childhood,
I still have a cousin who lives at NewBiggin-By-The-Sea.
Try and go to Holy Island, you will enjoy it if you have not been before.
Jeanette Spain